Why Mobile?

Calibre K-9 is the perfect solution for your pet’s grooming needs. A licensed, full-service mobile pet grooming salon that comes to your home to provide curb side grooming services. All grooming is performed inside the mobile unit. My grooming experience and academy training, combined with gentle handling and compassion, creates a gorgeous groom every time. I cater to a limited number of pets each day to ensure that your pet gets the BEST in quality and personalized care. Your pet will leave the salon feeling happy and stress free. The convenience of mobile grooming is what every client NEEDS and LOVES.

Convenient, safe, healthy and less stress

The completely self-contained, roomy mobile trailer comes straight to your home and features state-of-the-art technology to provide comfort and relaxation in a stress-free environment. I maintain the highest safety and health standards and I welcome you to take a tour of the unit before the start of your appointment.

Here are the advantages of a Mobile Service:

  • No car rides. Save time and gas. No more multiple trips to and from a salon often in peak hours. Possibly leaving your loved one for extended periods of time alone in a cage while you are at work. Mobile Grooming eliminates this, and for your convenience, you don’t even have to be home!

  • Shorter grooming time allows for less stress and separation anxiety for your pet.

  • No cages or exposure to other dogs – this means no diseases, no parasites and no interaction and stress with aggressive dogs giving less chance of illness or injury. As I work alone in a contained area, one dog at a time, I am able to clean and disinfect easily and effectively between each dog.
  • Each pet gets personal and compassionate attention (with hugs and kisses) from start to finish of their grooming experience.
  • Dogs will become familiar with one groomer and learn to trust them very quickly being less stressful for the pet and owner.
  • I take great care in your animals well-being, and will discuss with you any concerns seen during grooming such as bumps, rashes, skin irritations or any other issue which may become apparent during the process.

  • I work around your schedule.

  • Only highest quality products are used.

  • The mobile salon is kept cool in the summer and warm in the winter, providing the most ideal environment for your pet.
  • We use all natural products that are both good for your pet and the environment.
  • From our electric table, hydro-massage bathing system and stainless steel tub, to a hot water heater with fresh and grey water storage tanks, we guarantee your pets are in good hands.